Insider proposes Kevin Durant for Anthony Davis swap

Insider proposes Kevin Durant for Anthony Davis swap

As various analysts propose trades for disgruntled Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant, an agent suggests that the best option is a swap, including Anthony Davis of the Lakers and Kyrie Irving for Russell Westbrook.

While there are reports that the Boston Celtics are working towards a trade for the sharpshooting forward, a deal has yet to be struck.

With uncertainty over the situation, Bleacher Report’s Eric Pincus sent a variety of questions about what the Lakers should do with Westbrook with a variety of figures in basketball, ranging from “everyone from executives to agents to fellow colleagues in the media”. Some are included.

One insider suggested a blockbuster swap:

“Kyrie does the trick. They should introduce Davis to Westbrook. Try and get Kevin Durant. KD is as close as AD and Pique for [the Nets] They’ll get what they want. ,

Another analyst suggested that the three-team trade between the Lakers, Nets and Pacers could move some assets around. However, he speculated that it would benefit the Lakers the most, “Even though it saved the Nets a ton of money and Indiana got two firsts out of it, would they be able to work together to help LeBron and the Lakers struggle? agree to?”

The story originally appeared on Net’s Wire

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