Jimmy Garoppolo throwing 'heck out of the ball,' 49ers' Kyle Shanahan says

Jimmy Garoppolo throwing ‘heck out of the ball,’ 49ers’ Kyle Shanahan says

Shanahan Says Jimmy G Is Throwing a ‘Heck Out of the Ball’ Originally Appeared on NBC Sports Bayria

SANTA CLARA — While quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo continues his physical therapy and throws regularly as a member of the 49-man roster, the only certainty seems like he will be No Stay with the team when the season starts.

The 49ers continued to hold on to Garoppolo and instead of freeing him now looked for a trade that would give him a better chance of opening the season as a starter with another team.

One of the possible teams for which Garoppolo could end up is the Seattle Seahawks – an NFC West rival and the 49ers’ Week 2 rival.

“Jimmy is working hard and throwing the ball out,” 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said on Friday. “I have told you everything about the situation. I’m not going to (say) every single thing on my mind, but you can figure it out when I say we have to do what’s right for this organization.

“And we’re going to do everything we can to make it as good as possible for Jimmy, while doing what’s right for this organization at the same time.”

Shanahan said he had not seen or talked to Garoppolo since Tuesday, when the players reported to training camp. The 49ers are stepping down with second-year quarterback Trey Lance as the team’s starter.

Garoppolo, who underwent shoulder surgery in March, received approval this week from his doctor and the 49ers’ medical staff.

Now, it’s a waiting game to find out where Garoppolo will start the season.

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Garopolo is about to make a non-guaranteed base salary of $24.2 million. 49 people will realize an immediate cap savings of $25.55 million, as long as it is deducted or omitted before the final deduction is made on Aug.

“I think he handled it very well, but the reality of this business is the reality of everything: Sometimes you have to wait on stuff,” Shanahan saddened, “and I think he understands that. You Wish it could be different but it’s business and he understands it and it totally makes sense to him. It is what it is.”

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