Justin Jefferson ranks Cooper Kupp in his top 4 WRs

Justin Jefferson ranks Cooper Kupp in his top 4 WRs

There are too many good wide receivers in the NFL right now, making it difficult to even pick the best five. Justin Jefferson did that by telling Bleacher Report what he thinks are currently the top five wideouts in the league and it’s no surprise that he placed himself in that group, adding Cooper Kupp. did.

Here’s how Jefferson ranked the top five in the NFL: Davante Adams himself, then in third place he put Kupp and Jammer Chase in a tie. At No. 5, he went with Stephen Diggs.

This is actually a very good list and it would be hard to argue with any of these rankings.

Kupp is consistently ranked among the five best receivers in the NFL, and keeping him out of the top five would be a mistake for anyone listing premier receivers. The 2021 season will be tough for him to follow, but don’t be surprised if he puts up another 1,400-yard, 10-touchdown season this year.

Having Alan Robinson on the other hand will also take some of the pressure and coverage off Kupp, which will only help.

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