Lakers will start shooting guard who can shoot 3s and defend well

Lakers will start shooting guard who can shoot 3s and defend well

As the Los Angeles Lakers roster stands right now, two of their biggest weaknesses appear to be 3-point shooting and perimeter defense.

Their overall defense could have improved thanks to a better center tandem in Thomas Bryant and Damien Jones, plus the simple fact that they are now much younger than they were this past season.

But on the shooting guard or wing spot, there doesn’t seem to be an obvious choice who can both hit from outside and defend at a high level.

The exact same type of player wants to start with LA 2.

Via Athletic:

Jovan Buha wrote, “The Lakers want to start with whatever wing/guard 3s they can make and defend at the point of attack at the highest level on the roster.” “The player who stands out in training camp and preseason will be the favorite for the job.”

Buha wrote that, as of now, there is one player who is moving on to earn that starting position.

,[Austin] Reeves gets early clearance here, as he was the best winger among the group last season. He can handle point-of-attack defensive duties, allowing Westbrook to hide on the worst perimeter scorers. He can also serve as a secondary ballhandler and playmaker that helps the offense flow. Considering he enjoys positive regressions with his shooting – he made just 31.7 percent from last year’s 3 after second-half jerks – he should be in talks for the best role-playing shooter on the roster. His primary competition is Brown Jr., who is less skilled but shot a higher percentage on 3s last season.

Reeves, an unfinished rookie, had plenty of time to play this past season, and although he showed his potential as a multifaceted role player, his outdoor shooting seriously needs to improve.

But he has been working hard this season, as he has reportedly already gained over 10 pounds of muscle.


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