Nets star Kyrie Irving ranked as the 8th best point guard in the NBA

Nets star Kyrie Irving ranked as the 8th best point guard in the NBA

hoophype recently made a list of the top twenty-five point guards in the league and Kyrie Irving appeared on the list at number eight. While there are some headcrackers on this list, he certainly got Irving right according to his ranking.

Even without playing many games last season, Irving is still one of the best scoring guards in the league. He can score on all three levels and he is a danger to stop in the pick and roll. Not to mention his Iverson-like ball skills and killer crossovers.

Hoopsheep’s point guard ranking argument for Irving:

Irving has many who consider him the best dribbler basketball ever.

Add to this his stop-on-a-dime shooting ability, his range beyond the arc, and his layup package—one that allows him to finish easily with either hand and between trees—and it’s easy to see that he Why is considered one of the most talented scorers lead-guard Spot has produced so far.

If the constant off-court noise with Irving hadn’t been so boisterous, he certainly would have been ranked higher in these rankings. After all, despite the drama, Irving still scored 27.4 points, 5.8 assists and 1.4 steals in 2021-22, while shooting 41.8 percent for three.

The bigger problem with putting Irving higher on the list is itself. Sometimes he gets in the way of his success and sometimes he is not as dedicated as he could be. Despite his best performance, he is not far from number one. Of course the biggest issue is keeping him on the basketball court. He can have seven names on the court in front of him so this is an accurate ranking.


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