Observations from Sixers’ Summer League finale against Bulls

Observations from Sixers’ Summer League finale against Bulls

The Philadelphia 76ers face the Chicago Bulls on Saturday night in Las Vegas Summer League action. It was the Sixers’ final game on the summer circuit. The Sixers had some good moments on the offensive side of the ball, but they made 21 turnovers and gave Chicago enough on the basket to average 30 points per quarter, a nearly record-setting 119–104 loss.

Charlie Brown Jr. scored 21 points on 10 field goal attempts and 7 free throws. He also recorded 4 assists and 3 rebounds.

Grant Riller supplied 19 points on 10 field goal attempts and 6 free throws from the bench.

Here are some observations as to the Sixers’ disadvantages.

julian champagne

St John’s product failed to stand out in most Summer League games. But, in the first half against Chicago, Champagne showed signs of life with some trios. A ball came out as it peeled away from the screen. The other came off the top of the key leaving the catch. Champagne has the desired shape on its wings, but a not-so-great Summer League performance looks promising for their chances of catching NBA action in 2022-23.

travellin queen

The free agent signer on a partially guaranteed deal certainly isn’t shy. If she senses a missed rotation on the ball screen or a modified fall in pick-and-roll coverage, Queen is letting her fly deep. He struggled with efficiency on a healthy regimen of shots during the Summer League, but found his limits in the final handful of competitions.

Philip Petrusev

Petrusev mostly sticks out as jump-shooting or works as a playmaker out of high functions when guards or wing picks and cuts negate backdoors. He made some good passes in Las Vegas, especially during his Saturday loss to the Bulls. But, their lack of strength is quite troubling. If he’s going to touch the NBA court, Petrasev has to add enough strength to play through contact.

mike foster

The draft free agent signer is one of the summer circuit’s notable standouts. Once Foster found his footing, he quickly became one of the more versatile players on the roster. Most impressive is his IQ for the game. Against the Bulls, he displayed intelligence to get past a short defender into the post and go to the basket instead of fading for a baseline jumper over his other shoulder. He showed promising signs of thinking high on the game, and when he was on the court for Philadelphia, his aggression and judgment led to effective play.

grant riller

Riller has the mind to score, and that doesn’t stop his undersized body from attacking the rim. There is an element of spontaneity and fluidity in his attacking game which is hard to pinpoint. The inclination is to point to the fact that his dribble moves and direction changes are perfectly timed. As the defender lifts to cut his driving angle, the riller counters with a hesitation and dribbles in and out to glide across the roadblock and coast to rim.



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