T20 Blast final live scores Yorkshire Hampshire Lancashire Somerset - Gareth Copley/ECB via Getty Images

score and latest updates from the T20 Blast semi-final

T20 Blast final live scores Yorkshire Hampshire Lancashire Somerset - Gareth Copley/ECB via Getty Images

T20 Blast final live scores Yorkshire Hampshire Lancashire Somerset – Gareth Copley/ECB via Getty Images

03:28 pm

Overs 13: Ham 124/3 (Prest 29 Whitley 7)

Lewis Gregory comes in for the first spell of the day, and starts as he usually does with his Dernbachian mode of speed and grip changes. Left-hander Whiteley takes advantage of the short-ball aberration and pulls it for four but only three more singles are added to the total. Gregory saw Perst winding down to try to smash the final ball and blast it at 83mph, surprising the charging batsman as it rammed into (Pato) Banton’s glove.

03:24 pm

Overs 12: Ham 117/3 (Prest 28 Whiteley 1)

Victorious comeback from Goldworthy who took his second wicket of the day. All the fast bowlers till date have been beaten up. I suspect Crane and Dawson will be crucial for Hampshire to make it to the finals.

03:20 pm


Weatherly c Rousseau b Goldsworthy 24 Lewis Goldsworthy has a golden arm. Weatherly climbs into the left-arm spinner but doesn’t reach the pitch and Rousseau takes a good, tumbling catch at long. FOW 116/3

03:19 pm

Overs 11: Ham 114/2 (Weatherly 23 Perst 27)

Siddle begins his second spell with another slow ball, a flick of a full toss called a no-ball at height and Prest’s thigh pad sweeps it into the corner for four. Free-hit delivery is a good yorker which Perst chisels for a single. Siddle tries to paint the tramlines but Weatherly reaches up and pushes it to cover for a four. no country for old men.

Joe Weatherly of Hampshire plays a shot during the Vitality T20 Blast semi-final match between the Hampshire Hawks and Somerset - Harry Trump / Getty Images

Hampshire’s Joe Weatherly plays a shot during the Vitality T20 Blast semi-final match between the Hampshire Hawks and Somerset – Harry Trump/Getty Images

03:15 pm

Overs 10: Ham 100/2 (Weatherley 17 perst 25)

Joe Weatherly’s lovely hands and feet for jumping across his crease. His catch changed and the switch-hit van der Merwe scored a penalty for four. VdM resorts to javelin throws in the next five, giving him no chance to free his arms to any batsman. Four singles are the only further punishment. Hampshire are running at 10 per over without many pyrotechnics.

03:10 pm

Overs 9: Ham 92/2 (Weatherly 11 Perst 23)

Chipdown to the ground, Gregory runs to cut it at long-on, but the ball hits the seam and hits the perfect off-break to bounce him for four. After exchanging singles, Perst shoveled Green’s full banger around the corner for four, but missed on the bumper, flashing an uppercut but failing to connect.

03:07 pm

Overs 8: Ham 81/2 (Weatherly 9 perst 14)

Van der Merwe switch ends, meaning right-handers now have side boundaries as their longest option, ideal for the left-arm spinner’s line from round the wicket, making it his own. Darting in the toes. In the scorching sun, five singles and a couple of batsmen force the batsmen to do all the work.

03:04 pm

Overs 7: Ham 74/2 (Weatherly 4 Perst 12)

Very good over from famous cricket name Ben Green for Jazz, The Guardian and Wisden fans. Out of this only five singles came out.

03:03 pm

Overs 6: Ham 69/2 (Weatherley 1st 10)

The left-arm spinner gets four runs off Prest’s cut shot and is then sent back over his head for four more. McDermott comes down and steps to onside to make a six over cover and then, after five wides down legside by Goldsorthy, Dominic Cork says you have to ask he is wheezing this over. Nick Knight has an immediate reaction when McDermott is dismissed on the next ball. ‘That’s why!’ He screams with joy.

02:58 pm


McDermott C Cover b Goldsworthy 31 Expensive over, but after hitting a six, he achieved success. The left-arm spinner chases the batsman as he backs down for leg and he drives his drive to Abel just as his captain did. FOW 68/2

02:56 pm

Overs 5: Ham 48/1 (McDermott 25 perst 1)

Brilliant change in the bowling of Somerset. Van der Merwe proves too cunning for Vince, whose strength is his weakness, and Perst who is at his crease.

02:53 pm


Vince c Abel b van der Merwe 20 After launching the left-arm spinner’s back ball over cover for four runs, VDM takes more momentum and Vince cuts his drive. Cover runs to his left and the edge of the circle to pick it up. FOW 47/1

02:52 pm

Overs 4: Ham 43/0 (McDermott 25 wins 16)

Don’t throw a full ball to Vince without slip because even if he hits a nick off there is no one there. He doesn’t nick it but creams it for four. Two balls later, McDermott charged Brooks and hit the short ball for a six at long on. He’s gone a mile. Brooks goes fuller and McDermott has Gallus to ramp it up four more, turning his stance through 90 degrees.

02:48 pm

Overs 3: Ham 28/0 (McDermott 15 wins 11)

Peter Siddle replaces Lamonby. Cricket’s most famous beanie-hatted vegan is no longer wearing a beanie from the crossroads cap. He starts off with the slow ball, is overpitched and McDermott drills it through mid-off for four.

McDermott drives a single through mid-off, and races to defeat the throw. Vince joins the party, groping at a half-volley to smoke a cover drive for four. When Siddle mistakes again at length in the channel, Vince drives another, smearing it for a square, four more.

02:42 pm

Overs 2: Ham 13/0 (McDermott 10 wins 2)

Veteran Brooks, now 38, still has the hairband of his tumultuous youth without the same amount of hair. A few singles are hit at legside in the first three balls. McDermott shapes up on the ramp but Brooks sees his feet moving and instead beats him and the ball hits the top of the batsman’s helmet.

McDermott hits the end, cuts drive over point for six and then tucks the slower ball off his feet for a single.

02:39 pm

Overs 1: Ham 4/0 (McDermott 2 wins 1)

Tom Lamonby, left-handed over, opens the bowling for Craig’s son, Hampshire’s Ben McDermott, and he gets the first ball to swing it… down the leg side for wide. McDermott turns away when the finger is stabbed into his ribs and they make a run. Brilliant start from Lamonby to Vince, rolling it into Vince, squeezing him for room and he takes three balls to beat the infield. Big contrast with this morning’s fireworks. Vince eventually pats a single to square leg, McDermott hits another wide off mid-off.

Jack Brooks shares new ball duty.

02:26 pm

alfred gorilla

of Gloucestershire has won the mascot race.

02:24 pm

Welcome to the coverage of the second semi-final and final of the 2022 Vitality T20 Blast

Hampshire have won the toss and decided to bat.

Your teams are:

reversal Will Smed, Tom Banton (wk), Riley Rossouw, Tom Abel (c), Tom Lamonby, Lewis Gregory, Ben Greene, Lewis Goldsworthy, Roelof van der Merwe, Jack Brooks, Peter Siddle.

hampshire Ben McDermott (wk), James Vince (c), Tom Prest, Joe Weatherly, Ross Whiteley, James Fuller, Liam Dawson, Nathan Ellis, Christopher Wood, Mason Crane, Brad Wheels.

02:21 pm

Roses are red in Edgbaston

by Scylde Berry at Edgbaston

To win the first semi-final, Lancashire had to record their highest T20 run-chases, and they did so with impressive assurance. In the Roses match, they beat Yorkshire by six wickets in neutral territory with eight balls to spare.

The difference between the two strategies was as much contrast as red and white. Yorkshire accelerated towards the end of their innings thanks to their all-rounder Jordan Thompson, who hit five sixes in just seven balls and scored 50 runs in 18 balls. Yorkshire missed out on Jonny Bairstow’s firepower, but Thompson’s pancakes filled the gap – though not at the start of Yorkshire’s innings, but at the end.

Lancashire accelerated from the start of their innings, as they had an opener of Bairstovian power. Phil Salt allowed England’s white-ball side to leave, rocking Yorkshire back at the start by scoring 36 off 15 balls, including 25 off only four legal balls from Matt Revis. Lancashire’s hardened stalwarts, Keaton Jennings and Dane Vilas, did not need to innovate after the Salt attack; He dropped the runs with low-risk shots.

Salt reiterated that he has a talent that deserves international exposure by hitting a boundary off his first ball and maintaining almost the same rate. England, which are replete with top-order white-ball batsmen, have tried to salt down the order, but have been putting their best through their repertoire against the pace. He has been able to take England’s white-ball batting to a new level: Jos Buttler can hit the ball 360 degrees from the crease. Salt could soon do the same from under the pitch.

So Yorkshire’s six-over Powerplay score was shadowed at 66 for one – not that there was any at Edgbaston – with Lancashire at 89 for two. Salt gave him time and Yorkshire’s ground fielding staggered during his stand with Vilas.

Nevertheless, Yorkshire’s weather has not been bad, given their acrimonious conditions. Had their morale plummeted, they would not have made it to their T20 quarterfinal against Surrey at The Oval. Their supply of good domestic cricketers continues, and Thompson could prove to be an all-rounder that is something else.

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