Struggling QBs not necessarily a bad thing for 49ers

Struggling QBs not necessarily a bad thing for 49ers

Quarterback struggles have been a theme since the early part of the 49ers training camp, especially on the third day when first-year starter Trey Lance threw an interception, while only completing a few of the 10 or 11 throws, depending on whether the quarterback was playing. What tracking are you following?

Head coach Kyle Shanahan, despite some mistakes under center, likes what he has seen from his QB. He told reporters ahead of Friday’s practice that training camp is a good time to make some mistakes that his signal callers are making.

“But I just love that they’re ripping it off,” Shanahan said. “What you don’t want is people, especially in training camp, saying, ‘I thought it was there, but I don’t want to throw a pick, so I checked it.’ Sometimes you need to know if it was there and rip it is the only way.”

It was a talk with Patrick Mahomes in his first training camp as a Chiefs starter in 2018. He made a lot of mistakes and threw a bunch of interceptions as he was testing the limits of what his skill set could and could not do against the NFL. rescue.

Some of it definitely has to do with Lance as well.

Much has been made of the learning curve Lance will have in his first year as an NFL starter with such little game experience under his belt. However, Shanahan’s role in QB’s 2022 campaign cannot be underestimated. Ultimately, Lance will have the responsibility to be a playmaker no matter what happens on the sidelines, but if the team is going to reach heights in 2021, there will be some responsibility on the head coach to keep the young QB. positions to be successful.

That’s where these practice mistakes can come in handy.

“That’s why you don’t kill people for choosing in practice,” Shanahan said. “If it gets to be too much you have to start training them how not to do it, but at least you’ve got an idea of ​​what they’re capable of, what they can do, they can’t pretend to be. So as a coach, you can protect him to some degree or you realize that man, he’s going to throw, no matter what. So I have to make sure I get that perfect first look. I want to. And that’s what we’re working on right now.”

To be clear, it’s not necessarily a “good” thing that QBs are struggling early. It also doesn’t necessarily have to be “bad” and there are opportunities to learn from mistakes.

The next step for Lance and the 49ers QB will be learning from the risks they are taking and putting in practice they are throwing, and then adapting accordingly. From there it is up to Shanahan to learn as well and ensure that he is completing the offense to the strength of his QB. As long as those two things come together, the 49ers’ offense should be fine in the long run.


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