Ten underrated things to be excited about with the additions of USC and UCLA to the Big Ten

Ten underrated things to be excited about with the additions of USC and UCLA to the Big Ten

The Big Ten has officially laid its claim to the ocean-glazed footprint with the news that USC and UCLA will join the convention for games beginning in August of 2024.

And while the news was a bang that launched a grenade of public uncertainty about the landscape of college football, people in the Big Ten and two LA schools are excited about what a very lucrative monetary marriage looks like.

But there are few other things other than Benjamin that should get you excited about the move. It’s easy to criticize a move made for financial gain — and make no mistake, that is — but don’t be afraid to see what it means.

While traditionalists twitch their hands and gnash their teeth, we’re here to give you ten things (in no particular order) that you might want to look at connecting two of the Pac-12’s most brand-recognizable athletic events.


Ohio State vs. Utah: Rose Bowl Prediction & Preview |  Buckeye's Wire

Ohio State vs. Utah: Rose Bowl Prediction & Preview | Buckeye’s Wire

Jan 1, 2010; Pasadena, CA, USA; General view of the Rose Bowl before the game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Oregon Ducks. credit: Andrew Weber – USA TODAY Sports

why you should be excited

It’s no secret that Bucky fans love to travel, as do fans of other Big Ten teams. One destination on many fans’ bucket lists is Pasadena. And while it can be combined with a Rose Bowl trip for the postseason, it can potentially be done in the regular season now.

There are worse places than the Los Angeles area to take in Hollywood, beaches, Disneyland, and more—especially when the weather turns cold. Add to this a game at the famous Memorial Coliseum, or better yet, another chance to see a game against UCLA in the regular season at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains at Rose Bowl Stadium, and that’s a win in my book.

Trust me – I’ve been to SoCal twice, and if you haven’t experienced a game in Pasadena, it’s well worth your while. Now, there are more opportunities to see Big Ten teams in that stadium.

new matchups

Ohio State Buckeyes wide receiver Paris Campbell (21) runs the ball as a USC Trojans cornerback Isaiah Langley (24) plays the third quarter of the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic between Ohio State Buckeyes and USC Trojans on Friday, December 29, 2017 tackled during. At AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Joshua A. Bickell/Columbus Dispatch/USA TODAY NETWORK

why you should be excited

USC and Ohio State have a long history in the Rose Bowl as cross-sectional matchups. Between season after season and regular season matchups, Bucky and the Trojans have met 24 times. But there are other matchups between the two LA schools and other Big Ten events that have yet to materialize.

With both joining the convention, there are going to be more compelling matchups and ones we wouldn’t normally see. We’ll see some that never happened, and I’m ready for that. You should be too.

Don’t Forget About Basketball

Ohio State forward Kyle Young has been out for a few weeks with a stress fracture

Ohio State forward Kyle Young has been out for a few weeks with a stress fracture

December 22, 2018; Chicago, IL, USA; Ohio State Bucks forward Kyle Young (25) went for a dunk against the UCLA Bruins during the second half at United Center. credit: David Banks-USA Today Sports

why you should be excited

Getting lost in all the buzz of football means getting UCLA and USC in the Big Ten hoops. Obviously, the Bruins are the biggest prize here as one of the sport’s bluebloods, but USC has had some good years in recent memory as well.

Ohio State vs. UCLA, or Michigan State/Purdue vs. the Bruins are a must watch television in my opinion. With the Bruins coming to the Value City Arena, matchups between USC and other teams within the Big Ten are going to launch even more top-end battles in the years to come. It should enhance the perception of what is already good for Big Ten basketball.

Heck, maybe it’ll help the rest of the league eventually get another national title, something the Spartans haven’t done since winning with Matin Cleaves & Co in 2000.

long days of football

College football predictions, conference picks for championship week

College football predictions, conference picks for championship week

December 3, 2016; Indianapolis, IN, USA; A view of the Big Ten logo on the end zone pylon prior to the Penn State Nittany Lions’ game against the Wisconsin Badgers in the Big Ten Championship college football game at Lucas Oil Stadium. credit: Aaron Doster – USA TODAY SPORTS

why you should be excited

Starting in August of 2024, the Big Ten will now have teams spread across three time zones. Obviously, the west coast games will probably start a little later, but you can bet we’ll still have afternoon games to start the day, which is just 9 p.m. in the western time zone.

Everyone likes to see them do some Pac-12 after dark, but now it can happen with the Big Ten. In fact, you can probably watch a Big Ten game from noon to 1 p.m. or later.

If you like football, the more the better, isn’t it? Plan to cut the grass for days other than College Soccer Saturdays, plan weddings and bar mitzvahs, and make the most of it. Turn that honey-do list into a honey-do list, grab some copious drinks and meat products, pat the chest, and turn on the high-definition television.

Olympic Games

The UCLA celebrates the Women’s College World Series softball game between the Oklahoma Sooners and the UCLA Bruins at USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City, Monday, June 6, 2022. credit: USA Today Sports

why you should be excited

Olympic sport is a broad term for college athletics, but most people consider any non-revenue sport into that equation. UCLA and USC tend to be better at other sports such as softball, swimming, and track, and this could raise the level of Big Ten schools.

UCLA versus Michigan in softball, in particular, sounds like a tempting matchup, but there are other sports with other schools that could take on more significant meaning in the future.

new rivalry

March 30, 2021; Indianapolis, IN, USA; UCLA Bruins guard Tiger Campbell (10) shoots the ball against Michigan Wolverines guard Franz Wagner (21) during the second half of the Elite Eight of the 2021 NCAA Tournament at Lucas Oil Stadium. credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

why you should be excited

To create a rivalry with another school, there must be an opportunity for high-stakes games. For this to happen, teams have to play too often to make history and bad blood. With USC and UCLA now part of the Big Ten, there is bound to be some new rivalry.

USC and Ohio State are already one on the football field, but you can easily see Michigan and USC in football, or Michigan State and UCLA in the near future playing some worthwhile hardcourt games that are a smattering of competition between schools. May spark new fire. , And not only that, other teams will also get in on the act once the strength and schedule of the league is established.

more prime time games

Fireworks as fireworks over the field of the Ohio State Buckeyes ahead of the NCAA Division I football game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and Rutgers Scarlet Knights at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, Friday, November 6, 2020. credit: USA Today Sports Network

why you should be excited

To the dismay of many Big Ten fans when several football games went to Fox, the network’s desire is to slate the biggest games into the afternoon window. The best teams then find themselves with fewer games of the night than before.

It’s far more fun and exciting to see Ohio State go ‘Shoe at Night’ or Whiteout at Penn State. To allow West Coast viewers to slot into the correct television time frame, you would have to consider that the games would have to be moved to later East Coast times, and this would result in more games under lights, in the dark of night. should be translated.

SoCal in the Midwest Winter

September 2, 2020; Los Angeles, CA, Los Angeles, CA, USA; A general composite view of the Downtown Los Angeles skyline from the Bank of California Stadium during the MLS game between the LAFC and the San Jose Earthquake. LAFC defeated the Earthquakes 5–1. credit: kirby lee-USA TODAY SPORTS

why you should be excited

It goes both ways. We’ve already mentioned travel, but can you imagine escaping the Midwest of late to see Ohio State or Michigan in Southern California? Sign me up.

But what about telling UCLA and/or USC to pack the bags and head to a cold, snowy region in the sunny Midwest when a cold front arrives. It makes for great storytelling and great theater with those colors against the snow, wind, gray and cold at times.

More and more different bowl games

January 1, 2022; Orlando, FL, USA; Detailed view of an endzone pylon with the 2022 Citrus Bowl logo on the field before the game between the Iowa Hockey and Kentucky Wildcats at Camping World Stadium. credit: Jason Winlove-USA TODAY Sports

why you should be excited

More teams means more teams are potentially eligible for the Bowl Invitational. This means the Big Ten is likely to work again in the near future with different locations than what the Big Ten has seen in recent years.

Some of it will always happen anyway, but with the expansion of the West Coast, Big Ten fans will have more access and opportunities to travel to a bowl game location they may not have enjoyed in the past. I love seeing new places and seeing the scenery and culture of a new place, and will be more likely to move on.

a high level of competition

December 4, 2021; Berkeley, California, USA; California Golden Bears tight end Eliza Mojaro (81) celebrates with USC Trojans wide receiver John Jackson III (80) after scoring a touchdown against the California Golden Bears during the second quarter at FTX Field at California Memorial Stadium. credit: John Hefty-USA Today Sports

why should you be excited

The addition of USC and UCLA means the Big Ten is getting Blueblood in each of the two main revenue games. The Trojans have one of the best football programs of all time, and are in the picture of the Bruins team as one of the most influential basketball schools in history.

Ohio State has been dominated by Big Ten football in recent years, and the same teams appear to be competing for the Big Ten Basketball Championship. Now, you have two really cool programs to make your apple cart a little annoying.

The rich may not like it all that much, but it will make for better competition at the top and more meaningful and exciting sports.

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