The Best WWE Challengers For Roman Reigns' Title

The Best WWE Challengers For Roman Reigns’ Title

If Roman Reigns wins this Sunday, his title reign will reach an unprecedented 700-day mark. Close to two years at the helm, The Tribal Chief is the longest-reigning world champion ever in the modern era of WWE and he looks almost unstoppable alongside his cousin, The Usos, and legendary manager Paul Heyman.

If Reigns loses, however, the new person to hold the title will be Brock Lesnar. Coined, “the alpha male of our species,” Lesnar has been nearly impossible to beat since his 2002 debut. Either way, whoever breaks out of SummerSlam as champion becomes an important task for the new challenger.

Rance and Lesnar together have defeated almost everyone. Regardless of who wins on Sunday, WWE has a big task left – to find a new and credible challenger for either of them.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the roster and see who could be next in line for a shot at the world title.

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is arguably doing the best job of his career right now. He has achieved a rare feat in the world of wrestling and that is to be so good, you don’t even need a championship. Rollins is over gold right now and his revolutionary character and connection to the crowd tell the whole story. Fans entered the ring singing Rollins his theme song, went crazy about his eccentric outfit choices on social media and bought his merchandise at a higher rate than most roasters.

The superstar connects with the crowd like no other heel on the roster. He’s a beloved villain, a performer so good it doesn’t matter that he plays a bad guy.

Rollins has earned the right to challenge Reigns or even Lesnar for the title. Adding a title for Rollins over the next few months will be the only way WWE can increase his star power. He’s already on top of the mountain and one of the only superstars on the roster who seems dangerous and credible to realistically take the title from either Roman or Brock at any time.

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre is a freak of nature athlete who has earned the right to challenge for the world title at any moment. After his initial departure from WWE, McIntyre became all business and there was no looking back. Since returning in 2017, the six-foot-five Scottish psychopath has left a trail of destruction behind him. Over the past few months, McIntyre actually faced Reigns several times on SmackDown, leading many fans to believe the two would start an event.

Instead, McIntyre teamed up with RK-Bro in a losing effort in the six-man main event of WrestleMania Backlash. McIntyre could easily pull out of the schedule he is currently doing with Sheamus to face the champion in a singles match.

This is probably the most likely scenario since McIntyre is already in a show with The Bloodline and Sheamus. McIntyre is credible as a real threat to any champion title and a viable option for WWE to choose as the next challenger.


Speaking of Sheamus, The Irish Warrior has been looking fresh in the last few months. With the new formation of The Brawling Brutes by his side, Sheamus has recently wrestled with little enthusiasm in his move, alternating physicality and intensity in the ring. At Clash at the Castle, Sheamus will face Drew McIntyre in a match against the number one contender for the world title.

If Sheamus wins, it could be one of the toughest challenges for the champion. The defending champions will have the numbers game up against them, as well as this new, hard-hitting version of Sheamus to tackle inside the ring. Sheamus has been doing a good job with WWE for over a decade and he always seems to be reliable and good enough to run for the title. As a former world champion, Sheamus is always a safe choice for a new challenger and hopefully he can continue this great work.


Riddle’s best friend and tag team partner Randy Orton has been sidelined with a serious back injury, so Riddle is on a vengeance tour in WWE. He’s been chasing both The Bloodline and Seth Rollins for a few months now, so straight away, this move to challenge for the title makes sense. Riddle swore he would get vengeance on The Bloodline for injuring Orton and has made it his mission ever since. Many fans were concerned that Orton’s injury would affect Riddle’s pace, but Riddle has turned up the intensity in the ring and seems to have learned a thing or two from Orton.

The best way for Riddle to take revenge on his best friend is to defeat the invincible Roman Reigns or the Beast in Brock Lesnar. He seems like a reliable challenger and fans are buying Riddle’s cool character and skills. He is a popular superstar who is also improvising both in the mic and in the ring. He got a chance to challenge for the title.

Be sure to watch SummerSlam on Saturday, July 30 on Peacock to catch all the action!

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