The fallout from Anthony Hill’s commitment to Texas A&M

The fallout from Anthony Hill’s commitment to Texas A&M

The nation’s top linebacker picked the Texas A&M Aggies over the Texas Longhorns on Saturday. The loss was the first highmaker to go down against Texas in the 2023 recruiting class.

Without a doubt, this is the most important sign for Texas in the 2023 recruitment cycle.

Before Hill’s commitment, Texas had won, for the most part, on its main recruiting goals. Steve Sarkeesian & Co. certainly coveted Langham Creek receiver Jacques Petaway, but had already brought three great receiving prospects at the time of his commitment.

For Hill, Texas loses to yet another elite linebacker prospect. Developing S’maje Burrell and Liona Lefau becomes even more important to further Texas’ success.

Here are excerpts from Anthony Hill’s commitment to Eggies.



Texas may continue to recruit Hill

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The Longhorns know what a player like Hill can contribute to a team’s success. They may try even harder to recruit him, although finesse is the best approach for now.

Javian Toviano becomes top target on board

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From the Toviano longshot to a realistic possibility, the Longhorns has become a longshot again in a short span of time for the 2023 class. The oligarch visited LSU this weekend, and Anthony Hill’s commitment to Texas A&M stalled Texas’ recruiting momentum. With Hill now likely to be on its way to College Station, the priority becomes future secondary construction for this square. Baton Rouge native Jordan Matthews has another distinctive spot in Texas must-sees.

The Longhorns lost ground to David Hicks Jr.


I’m not sure Texas Hicks was among the top schools before Arch Manning was committed to Longhorn. Frankly, it looked like a Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma fight before Hill’s commitment. He may need to find another elite defensive tackle or change Hill’s mind to get back in the running for elite defensive tackle.

Another commitment slot opens


While they were playing the long game with elite talent like David Hicks, Texas had eight immediate goals in Hill’s commitment decision. They will bring the target class to a total of 28 commits. Since Sarkeesian will likely stop at 28 commits, he now has another opening. It has been said that elite edgers might consider Damon Wilson the Longhorn. Sure, Colton Vasek, Darien Gullet and Brelan Shelby are the priority, but Wilson could be another lead that Texas chases.

1 class takes a hit, but overall the class is still going strong

There are many Texas influences in this class. Arch Manning, Jonte Cook, Malik Muhammad, Derek Williams and Ryan Nibblet, to name a few. They have yet another top five recruiting class earnings.



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