Photo Credit: NHRA/National Dragster

Tony Stewart Racing’s Leah Pruett, Matt Hagan Lead

Photo Credit: NHRA/National Dragster

Photo Credit: NHRA/National Dragster

Tony Stewart Racing teammates Leah Pruett and Matt Hagen raced to provisional No. 1 spots in Top Fuel and Funny Car on Friday, topping the ranks at the 42nd Annual Dodge Power Brokers NHRA Mile-High Nationals at Bandimere Speedway in Morrison, Colo. Went. ,

Aaron Stanfield (Pro Stock) and Matt Smith (Pro Stock Motorcycle) are also provisional No. 1 qualifiers in 11th of 22 races during the 2022 NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series season. It is also the first event of the three-race NHRA Western Swing.

After struggling in their first run of the day, Top Fuel’s Pruett and his team bounced back to 326.79 mph in their 11,000-horsepower Dodge Powerbrokers dragster with a 3.788-second run. If that happens, Pruett will earn their first No. 1 qualifier of the season, while the TSR first-year team of Pruett and Hagan will try to qualify together for the first time. Pruett has a Denver victory.

“It’s great. I mean, you always assumed it could happen,” Pruett said. Matt and I said this all week. You have to be positive, and we talk about parking our cars in the winner’s circle together and then we came out in Q1 and that was a gut punch. We weren’t trying to go number 1. We were trying to establish a baseline. (But) it’s a good feeling for both of us to be at our No. 1, especially in our Dodge race. I’m so incredibly happy right now.”

Hagan clocked 3.927 seconds in his 11,000-horsepower Dodge Power Brokers Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat to top 319.07 mph, to close qualifying in an exciting side-by-side session with Robert Hight, three times. world champion in the row for number four. First qualifier of 2022 and 47th in career. Hagan, who is currently second on points, won last year in Denver for the first time in his career, and is off to a great start in his sponsor’s race as he looks to jump back into the points lead.

“This mountain wind is hard on these motors,” Hagan said. “It takes me a while to get used to this place. With the race car we have to be ahead of it. We have a good combination from last year and we took it off the shelf and scored two strong runs in a row. We were just one run away. Didn’t come out and got back in it. For what we’ve done with TSR this year, I feel good to be in this deal. I don’t know about tomorrow’s weather, but if things stay like that So we can move on better. Nothing has been said and done till yesterday.”

Stanfield made a strong first impression in his Pro Stock debut at Thunder Mountain, scoring the fastest run in each of the two qualifying sessions, including an impressive pass of 6.946 at 196.73 in his Parent Brothers Chevrolet Camaro to end the day. Stanfield is in the fourth No. 1 spot of the season and his third win during a great 2022 campaign. Stanfield looked strong in his first race in Denver on Friday, despite the challenges every driver faces at Bandimere Speedway.

Defending world champion and event winner Smith made a strong statement for open qualifying in Pro Stock Motorcycles on Friday, setting a track record on his Denso Auto Parts Buell with his run of 7.107 at 189.31. If that happens, Smith will take his second top spot this season and 49th in his career. The five-time world champion opted to return to his Buell for the weekend at Thunder Mountain, and after the first day of qualifying, it appears to be a strong decision.

Friday Qualifying

Mile-Hill Nationals

Bandimere Speedway, in Morrison, Colo.

top fuel-1. Leah Pruett, 3.788 seconds, 326.79 mph; 2. Greg Carrillo, 3.824, 318.24;3. Clay Millikan, 3.826, 312.93; 4. Josh Hart, 3.843, 314.17; 5. Steve Torrence, 3.850, 320.97; 6. Sean Langdon, 3.901, 312.93; 7. Austin Proc, 3.904, 312.86; 8. Mike Salinas, 3.910, 299.06; 9. Doug Kalitta, 3.915, 310.27;10. Alex Laughlin, 3.923, 284.62; 11. Justin Ashley, 4.016, 294.95; 12. Tony Schumacher, 4.036, 249.21; 13. Cameron Ferre, 4.194, 289.82; 14. Brittany Force, 4.198, 201.52; 15. Terry Totten, 4.304, 227.31; 16. Rob Passi, 4.464,240.38. Not eligible: 17. Antron Brown, 5.415, 160.79.

funnyman-1. Matt Hagan, Dodge Charger, 3.927, 319.07; 2. Robert Height, Chevy Camaro, 3.936, 324.51; 3. Tim Wilkerson, Ford Mustang, 3.973, 321.50; 4. John Force, Camaro, 3.978, 325.06; 5. Bob Tusca III, Mustang, 3.987, 323.43; 6.Alexis DeJoria, Toyota Supra, 4.005, 315.64; 7. JR Todd, Supra, 4.051,323.04; 8. Paul Lee, Charger, 4.059, 288.03; 9. Ron Capps, Supra, 4.075,280.66; 10. Cruz Pedregon, Charger, 4.081, 308.14; 11. Chad Green, Mustang, 4.082, 301.60; 12. Jim Campbell, Charger, 4.149, 300.26; 13. Terry Haddock, Mustang, 4.383, 226.16; 14. Jack Wyatt, Charger, 4.850, 176.47.

Prostock-1. Aaron Stanfield, Chevy Camaro, 6.946, 196.73; 2. Fernando Cuadra Jr., Ford Mustang, 6.953, 196.47; 3. Matt Hartford, Camaro, 6.957, 196.87; 4. Christian Cuadra, Mustang, 6.957, 196.13; 5. Bo Buttner, Camaro, 6.960, 195.34;6. Troy Coughlin Jr., Camaro, 6.962, 196.70; 7. Greg Anderson, Camaro, 6.965,194.58; 8. Derrick Kramer, Camaro, 6.973, 194.94; 9. Camry Caruso, Camaro, 6.976, 192.80; 10. Chris McGaha, Camaro, 6.982, 196.27; 11. Dallas Glen, Camaro, 6.991, 195.31; 12. Kyle Koretsky, Camaro, 6.992, 194.77; 13. Fernando Cuadra, Mustang, 6.998, 196.27; 14. Erica Anders, Camaro, 7.008, 196.10; 15. Mason McGaha, Camaro, 7.026, 194.80.

Prostock Motorcycle-1. Matt Smith, EBR, 7.107, 189.31; 2. Angel Sampy, Suzuki, 7.171, 186.95; 3. Steve Johnson, Suzuki, 7.180, 183.54; 4. Angie Smith, EBR, 7.184, 187.50; 5. Eddie Kravic, Suzuki, 7.203, 186.69; 6. Mark Ingverson, EBR, 7.215, 184.95; 7. Karen Stauffer, Suzuki, 7.240, 184.52; 8. Joy Gladstone, Suzuki, 7.240, 183.69; 9. Ryan Ohler, EBR, 7.276, 184.90; 10. Kelly Klontz, Suzuki, 7.334, 181.20; 11. Jerry Savoie, Suzuki, 7.336, 183.87; 12. Gianna Evaristo, Suzuki, 7.462, 176.26; 13. Jim Undall, Suzuki, 8.877,107.09.

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