Tyrell Crosby lays out some harsh claims against the Lions

Tyrell Crosby lays out some harsh claims against the Lions

Tyrell Crosby went from starting the Detroit Lions perfect tackle to someone who might never play football again in a span of 18 months. Now recovering from spinal fusion surgery that could have ended his NFL career, Crosby offered some harsh accusations and claims against the Lions about how his time in Detroit came to a bitter end.

In an interview with Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, Crosby attacked lions.

Crosby told Birkett after praising the Lions’ fans and their loyalty to both him and the team, saying, “I don’t want to play for the organization I know right now and how badly they treat their players. “

Crosby alleged that the team’s medical staff did not heed their concerns about back pain at the 2021 training camp, at a time when Crosby was sidelined with a hamstring injury. He also said that the Lions forced him to play in pre-season games, despite knowing that his back was not healthy enough to handle the rigors of the game.

The complications of the initial surgery didn’t help Crosby return. He says he now has serious limitations of movement, although Crosby still hopes to play in the NFL.

Crosby’s harsh words against the organization and head coach Dan Campbell in particular are against the grain of what many other players have said about the new Lions regime. Crosby lost his starting job when the Lions drafted Penny Sewell in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. After starting 18 games in three years in Detroit, the reality of turning into a reserve was not something Crosby appreciated.

It’s an interesting side to the story that Crosby gives to Birkett, which is well worth watching. Hopefully he comes out healthy and will be able to enjoy life after football.

The story originally appeared on Lions Wire

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