Watch Warriors' James Wiseman's punishing dunk, block in flashy sequence

Watch Warriors’ James Wiseman’s punishing dunk, block in flashy sequence

Watch Wiseman’s Punishment Sting, The Block in the Charming Sequence Originally Appeared on NBC Sports Bayria

In case you were wondering how James Wiseman is doing after recovering from a right knee injury, the Warriors biggie assured the world on Sunday that he is doing fine.

Wiseman had an incredible sequence in the Warriors’ 87–77 loss to the Washington Wizards during their final summer league game in Las Vegas.

After an incredible back-the-back pass from Mac McClung, Wiseman ended the play with a monster dunk on three defenders.

Then, shortly after the other end of the floor, Wiseman showed his two-way game when he blocked Isaiah Todd’s shot to complete the charming sequence.

The Summer Games have been a great opportunity to re-adapt to the low-pressure environment of the former second overall selection.

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After missing the entire 2021-22 campaign, and most of the 2020-21 season, Wiseman and the Warriors are up for a 7-footer’s impact in the regular season.

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