Weston leaves on cart, significant injury feared

Weston leaves on cart, significant injury feared

Injuries are part of football. A very physical sport in which very large people are moving too fast can certainly cause injury to people. When injuries become problematic, either when they hit the top level players on a team or when they hit a specific situation group particularly hard.

For the Cleveland Browns, the latter has been a problem during the first week of training camp. The wide receiver position, which was initially not considered deep overall, has been hit with some significant injuries.

The first two, David Bell and Anthony Schwartz, are not expected to be in the lead, but each player could spend significant practice time. For Bell as a rookie, early assimilation is important. For Schwartz, gaining confidence after a rough rookie year will be key.

Another injury occurred on Saturday in a situation where Isaiah Weston suffered something serious:

According to Brad SteinbrookThe injury is to his ACL but may not be a complete tear.

Weston was a very interesting unfinished free agent for the team. At 6’3″, Weston ran 4.42 40-yard dashes in an NFL combination. He has the best athletic score of all receivers since 1987.

With the Browns on Sunday, we are unlikely to get official word from the team until they return on Monday.

The story originally appeared on Brown Wire

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